Richard Gooch

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I currently maintain two mirror sites of my WWW pages at:

My PhD topic was A Visual Analysis Environment for Astronomical Data. For part of this work, I designed and implemented the fabulous Karma Library, a toolkit for interprocess communications, graphics display, user interface and manipulating the Karma network data structure. This library comes packaged with a large number of interactive tools for Astronomical Visualisation, although some of these tools are useful for other data. Using the Karma library, I also implemented a distributed volume rendering tool which has application in other fields (e.g. medical visualisation as well as serving as a real-world test application for low latency networks).
A mirror site is available at the University of Calgary.
Here is a list of some of the software I have written/maintain: If you find any of this software useful, you can donate if you wish by clicking on the donate button below.

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