Hardware Donation Request

Richard Gooch


This is a request for donations of hardware. I write and maintain patches for the Linux kernel for which in some cases I have no corresponding hardware. This means I'm not able to support some hardware as well as I'd like. If you want to help out, contact me. Below is a list of some hardware that I don't have, but that I maintain patches for. In (brackets) is the relevant patch or part of the kernel that I maintain. Of course, if you really want to donate something, but it's not on the list above, feel free to contact me anyway:-) An extra ultra-wide SCSI drive wouldn't go astray, and something like a quad Xeon with truckloads of RAM would do very nicely, thank you. I can assure you it would get good use (kernel compiling and visualisation).

If you wish to donate money instead, click on the donate button below.

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